Placement Program

About Us

About us:
We are a team of dedicated experts who bring to the table placement opportunities for your students from top companies across the country as well as the globe, thereby giving your students chances to reach their dream jobs from day one. Along with this we also provide a well thought out and structured program that can help the students become their best versions for the placement interviews. We are here to make the daunting task of facing interviews slightly easier and smoother.

Mission and Vision
In India, education received from schools and colleges have placed the students a notch above the rest. Our mission is to ensure that each and every student has the opportunity and the means to reach their goal. We envision a day when there is 100% placement across all colleges of the country. We aim to provide students the training and the confidence to face any company and any interview and pass them with flying colors. Through our plethora of companies as well as the structured placement training program, we aim to provide the students with the last nudge needed to push them over the finishing line.

Objectives of the program

  • Bridge the gap between companies and colleges by setting up placement calls from the top companies across the country as well as international companies.
  • Providing a curated and well structured guidance in terms of a training program for students.
  • Help instill a sense of confidence in the students that will help them face as well as excel in their interviews for their dream jobs. We aim to make the process seamless and less stressful.
  • Students appearing for the interviews have already done more than 70% of their work with the excellent knowledge and education that they have received, we provide classes which will help them hone their communication skills, listening skills and interpersonal skills – all the ammunition and soft skills needed to ace interviews as well as make a mark for themselves in the corporate world.
  • Along with great knowledge and talent, it is also essential that employees are able to present their thoughts and ideas to a large audience or to the top company stakeholders – This is where our program will help hone their presentation skills thereby helping them make a mark for themselves.
  • Through the program we aim to structure the thought process of the students in such a way that taking effective decisions will become like second nature to them. Excellent decision making skills is one of the most effective ways to make a mark for yourself in the corporate structure.
  • Corporates around the world are looking for the extra spark in their hires – we provide that spark by equipping students with the training needed to develop good leadership skills, email etiquette , personal effectiveness and efficiency before they even reach that corporate world. Students enrolled in the program have a definite edge over the others that will help them shine through their professional careers.