Placement Program

Campus to Corporate


What is it?
The Campus to Corporate program is a unique solution that is designed to give students across all walks of life the holistic training that will help them achieve their Corporate dreams. In a rat-kills-rat world that kids of today’s generation face, some direction and guidance can help give that little extra push that is needed to help them achieve their dreams.

Why choose us?
Through this program we aim to bring dream jobs to the students and also help them develop skills essential in excelling the crucial rounds for the interview process.

  •  Ample opportunities will be given to each and every student to crack their dream jobs.
  •  Multiple top ranking companies across the country are given access to the students of different colleges – making it easier for them to choose the best talent suited to their needs.
  • Using technology, we also ensure that any geographical barrier does not keep any student wanting of the opportunity to be placed in their dream job.
  • Wholesome training program structured to help students develop the skills that are required to ace the various types of placement interviewHow do the students benefit through the program? Education is the most important tool that a student has when he sits for an interview – along with that there are a few skills and techniques that can help push the student over the others. It is this edge that the students will be equipped with at the end of the program.
  • Confidence:
    Through the training we help instill a sense of CONFIDENCE in students, a confidence to face and ace their dream job interviews. When faced by a panel of distinguished and experienced professionals, confidence in oneself and one’s abilities can help mint the perfect first impression.
    We help train students avoid some mistakes that they might not even be aware of, help them apply some minor changes in their body language that can assure the interviewer of their ability as well as honesty and willingness to give their best to the organization.

With our panel of distinguished counsellors and industry experts, we give students ample training and tips to ace their INTERVIEWS. With classes aimed at helping them develop COMMUNICATION SKILLS, LISTENING SKILLS, INTERPERSONAL SKILLS – we arm the students with the ammunition to help them succeed in that corporate world.

The journey from college to corporate worlds require a large number of life skills not taught in books or college labs – this is where our program can help add value. We ensure that through the course of this program, each and every student develops the essential skills needed to excel in their field of choice. We help make the transition smooth and less stressful.