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We at Yup Career aim to bring to your organisations the best talent available in the country – we train and mould them in such a way that they are the best fit for your organisation. Along with getting the best talent from the colleges, we ensure that geography should not stand between you and them – we provide the infrastructure to help you recruit the best talent locally or globally.

In India, education received from schools and colleges have placed the students a notch above the rest. Our mission is to ensure that you get the chance to hire the best talent suited for your teams. We envision a day when there is 100% placement across all colleges of the country. With a well structured placement training programs we aim to hone and mould the students in such a way that they become an asset from the get go. Through the wide list of the top colleges of the country, we make placement season easy for you and your teams.


● Opportunity to reach out to all the top colleges across the country. Placements opportunities even in international or remote areas are organised with the help of video calls ensuring that you are not left to choose the second best in any situation.
● Training from top experts across the country who will help train students in preparing themselves basis your requirements – whatever skills you would like in your employees, we ensure that the recruits are there from the first day itself.
● Customized programs to ensure that students are trained such that they are the perfect fit for you. Along with the subject matter expertise that they gain in college, we help them develop the various soft skills along with leadership qualities that help to distinguish a great employee from the rest.