Placement Program

Our Team

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Miss Priyanka 

From working with corporates to understand their requirements to sitting down with each individual student to understand their dreams, Miss Priyanka has done it all. She has become the one point contact for all across the company. Caring, understanding and passionate, she helps to make the programs huge successes. She has become the confidant of the students , helping to nurture them on their journey into the corporate world. She enjoys taking on challenges and is known to never lose one.
Bringing to the table close to 5+ years of experience, she is an integral part of the team at Yup Careers.


Jenny Hansen

Having been a go-getter from the start, Jenny helps to provide the momentum required to keep all the wheels turning across the various programs. She helps to solve issues ranging from student anxiety to corporate glitches. With far-sightedness that is rare to find, She helps both the companies as well as the students achieve their goals. With her help Yup Career has managed to set up and run effectively multiple programs across the country. She takes challenge in her stride and has percolated this attitude to various students across the board.

Miss Vasudha Talwar 

Be it a passion for books or a genuine interest in empowering students, Miss Vasudha has always been the fore-runner. She takes a genuine interest in the lives of the students, believing that there is no student in the world who does not deserve a chance to achieve their dreams. Miss Vasudha has helped set up the panel of esteemed guidance counsellors who in turn help empower students on their path to corporate success. She has a unique way of understanding where and how the student can be nudged along the right path.


Mrs. Neena Kaul

In our endeavour to bring the best internship opportunities to the students across colleges in the country, Mrs Kaul has played a pivotal role in achieving the same. Coming from  HR background herself, Mrs Kaul has first hand experience in handling corporate demands as well as expectations. She helps students grow with the best internship opportunities across the country. She believes that the corporate jungle is one that can be easily manoeuvred by each and every student in the country.


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Mr. Siddhant Yadav

Having worked in corporates for close to a decade, Mr Yadav has joined us to help students across India make it big in the corporate world. He believes that there is a potential to succeed in every student in the country, all that they need is a slight push in the right direction. This is where Mr Yadav is here to guide the students along the right path helping them in achieving their dreams. He has helped us liason between the top companies nationally as well as internationally bringing together the best opportunities for the students.



Mr. Mohit Sansanwal

Bringing the passion of helping others, Mr Mohit bringing to the table compassion and a genuine desire to bring out the best in his students. Having taken up the teaching profession after working in a corporate for better part of 7 years, he has helped set up the base for the DILP program. Being a natural at connecting with the students at a personal level, he has the ability to guide the students to achieve their personal best at everything they do.